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​Kaiden’s Story

Kaiden had a stroke when he was 2 days old and we knew from the beginning that he would have some form of Cerebral Palsy. As soon as we got Kaiden home from hospital we knew that we needed to be proactive and get him into therapy. We took him to hospital-based programs, which were limited to 1 visit a month, we went religiously but were always searching from something else to help him. At 1-year old Kaiden was just starting to sit up despite physio. When talking to a mom one day during swim therapy she shared with me this therapy that she was also doing called Anat Baniel Method and they had been having amazing results with her daughter who also had cerebral palsy. As soon as we got home I found Renee.  I told my husband about ABM and that I found someone close to us who did lessons and he was skeptical, to say the least. I told he lets just try it, so we did, and it was life changing for us. Our physio told us Kaiden probably would never crawl… Renee got him to crawl and he crawled perfectly. I was told he would need walkers and foot braces and with Renee he has never need either and can actually run. My son gets more and more mobility to his Right hand every lesson we have with Renee. Every time Kaiden goes through a growth spirit his muscles tighten up again, within a few lessons Renee has him loose and back to normal. You would never know that when he was 2 days old he had a stroke, all thanks to Renee and ABM!

Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement Practitioner, Move Integrate Calgary, AB

Ezra's Story
“Ezra has a lot of fear when it comes to new therapies or doctors from his recent journey post meningitis. Upon meeting Renée she knew she needed to work on Ezras trust for the therapy to be effective. I can firmly say it was one of the most impactful weeks we’ve had regarding the hundreds of hours we have poured into therapies because of this.
Our son has never been able to be on his back, due to his fear, and when Renée has him WILLINGLY go on to his back, I also fell over. There was a very intimate moment of learning switch on and we saw rapid progress in our little guy with in the week.
For the first time he was able to hold an object with two hands, he became aware he can move at his waist, he is much more vocal and aware of all his surroundings in a way that surprised me. He is over all gaining new skills by the day and we can not wait to go back and have this therapy with Renée especially at the core to further his greatness potential, whatever that may be.